Helio Teles was born in central Brazil in 1967. He attended University in Goias state, where he studied philosophy and theology.

On leaving University he became a teacher and, during this period, was aware of the chronic and systemic nature of poverty in Brazil and which led him to become, at the age of 20, the youngest ever directly elected council member in Brazil, representing the town of Itapirapua

He was influenced strongly by the conditions in which the people lived and the images of doors and walls of ordinary houses and simple architecture became, for him, a symbolic memory of simple lives lived in extreme hardship, yet with a faith in the future that belied their circumstance.

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Helio Teles artwork

Los muros de Helio Teles

Trabaja con los mismos materiales que un obrero: cemento, cal, pintura. Y los mezcla con pigmentos naturales de tonos claros: ocres, marrones, celestes.
Helio Teles es pintor y nació en 1967 cerca de Brasilia, la capital brasileña. Antes de aventurarse en el mundo del arte estudió filosofía, teología y contabilidad. 


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